Breaking Through What's Suppressing You

This blog post features my latest painting. I thought it might be helpful during this time of such uncertainty and fear.

The idea for this piece came to me a few years ago when I was trying to decide if I was going to uproot my life. The standard route my life was on included a relationship that was no longer healthy for me. The novel path I was contemplating was not one with paved roads, but one I would have to carve out from the wilderness. This painting is the overview. The fonts chosen represent visually what I saw/felt. The first is the traditional Defy with all its rigors and structures. The next, for Defly and Fly, represents the struggle of actually tearing yourself from what has been. It is a rough and scary time but well worth the pain to get to the glassy, flowing, freeing font of being Free. Removing yourself from what binds you, stifles you, constrains you, suppresses you, is not always easy but well worth it to be free of it and truly fly.

Along my journey, I have hard-won certain truths. One of these truths is: You absolutely do not have to listen to what's trying to hold you down from soaring in the good. You can tell it to "Step off!".

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